Kostyuk reminded that the film Goloborodko on bike rides – only in the clip before the series

Screenshot: servant of the people / YouTube

The image of the President of Ukraine Vasily Goloborod’ko in a TV Comedy “servant of the people” was formed on the basis of the vital principles which actor Vladimir Zelensky, who later became the head of the Ukrainian state. About it in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, which published on may 12, said the Deputy head of President’s Office, one of the writers of the series “servant of the people” Yuriy Kostyuk.

“Comparison Zelensky Goloborodko – Yes, of course. Of course, some elements of the image of the hero projected people on the real President. But most importantly – the Foundation of the image cine Goloborodko was built from the vital principles of Vladimir Zelensky. Often very bright and good people in the movie just brilliantly play the villains. But in the opposite direction is not working. It is impossible sincerely to please millions of viewers, if you own a person with rotten. The viewer feels false. And the hero Goloborodko love and convincing because he’s not playing a heightened sense of justice and desire to change the country, but he lives in it,” said the author of the script of the series.

Became the official Kostyuk urged not to carry the traits and lifestyle Goloborodko in reality.

“If we take one of these hackneyed themes, like “Bicycle”, our security service has said a very simple thing: they have criminal liability for the life of the President and his safety. Besides, not as an excuse, but… “the Servant of the people” Goloborodko rode the bike, it was a clip in the credits. In the movie, he refused the motorcade and security. He had one guard and one car – but this movie, this simplification is a minimization. In real life the President has reduced the tuple. It is not 10 cars, not 12, not 15. And the streets is no overlap. Very well abandon the protection currently impossible”, – said the Deputy head of the GTC.

Another controversial moment of the series – a map of a divided Ukraine; Kostyuk considers this episode his pain.

“It’s been shown to make people wonder what the result of a policy split. This is not a prophecy and a warning. We must understand that the enemies of Ukraine just looking forward to it,” says the writer.

In his view, from about the fifth series episode “servant of the people” ceased to be purely comedic.

“Many people needlessly primitiveservlet this story. Saying, behold, the people chose Zelensky, because they showed a story about how an honest history teacher came and made the country a Paradise. And in fact, no. It is also shown all the difficulties. “Country Paradise” is only the final. And before that, he has constantly not worked, the system resisted, in the country on the screen was a very difficult situation. The series “servant of the people” is a replica of the society. It can like, maybe not like it, but he did not leave anyone indifferent,” – said Kostiuk.

“The servant of the people” took the Studio “Kvartal 95”. In Ukraine the series was shown from November 2015 to March 2019. The main role is played Zelensky, who was then in charge of the Studio “Kvartal 95”. According to the story, the history teacher Vasily Goloborod’ko wins the presidential election in Ukraine.

In April 2019 Zelensky was elected head of state, and in July the Pro-presidential party “servant of the people” won parliamentary elections and formed monopolista.