One appears in the North sea and the other in the Baltic.

The government of Denmark plans to build two energy Islands: this wind power station at sea, each of which will initially produce 2 gigawatts of electricity per year, and in 5-7 years after start – up to 5 gigawatts, says Europulse.

Together they will produce more electricity than you need to all inhabitants of Denmark, the government plans to sell surplus to neighboring countries.

One of the “Islands” will appear in the North sea, and there produced electricity will be exported to the Netherlands. In the long term performance of the island can increase to 10 gigawatts per year.

The second island will be built in the Baltic sea, the surplus will be sold to Poland.

A portion of the excess electricity is planned to be used for producing hydrogen fuel from water, it will build a special installation directly into “Islands”. Hydrogen fuel will be used for transport without emissions – from cars to planes.

The construction of “energy Islands” will allow Denmark to implement a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by 70% compared to 1990 levels. Earlier this year the EU made a commitment at the same time to reduce emissions by 50-55% compared to 1990.