Denisov: Moskalkova with a motorcade drove past me when I was on the road, in order to understand what is happening, because it’s not picking up


Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova in the broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”, said he did not believe the statements of the Russian Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova, which on 28 June called for in the Russian prison Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov.

Denisov, to Sentsova is not allowed.

“I don’t know anything from Moskalkova. I tried to stop the car to me after all, and our citizens explained why the Commissioner for human rights in Ukraine in accordance with the agreements between the presidents not allowed into the territory, why not give me access to Sentsov, why-why-why… No one questioning me, no one bothered to answer. I stopped, but eventually the police escorted me to these questions are not asked and do not interfere with the motorcade to move. When I asked the workers of a colony that went over the fence where I can learn about the health Sentsov, they told me that they have engaged in a press-service. That’s all,” said Denisov.

She noted that they would be able to talk about the condition of Sentsov only when she will see him.

“That says Moskalkova, I have this… It authorized (can’t say that on human rights) simply do not believe. Because we were flying in the same plane. And she then just did not go even, Well, we were taken from the airport, then she’s motorcade drove past me when I was on the road, in order to understand what is going on, because she’s not answering her phone, did not answer. So today, I do not believe any statements Moskalkova. I can firmly say how alive and well Oleg only after she will see him”, – said the Ukrainian Ombudsman.

Denisov noted that the documents needed to visit Sentsov, was filed on time.

The Ombudsman said that he wanted to file a formal application to the head of the colony.

Sentsov was sentenced in Russia to 20 years in prison on 25 August 2015. A Russian court found him guilty of creating in the Crimea of the terrorist community and guide them, attempted purchase of explosive devices and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, two terrorist acts and the preparation of another attack. Sentsov pleaded not guilty.

May 14, 2018, the Director announced an indefinite hunger strike in the colony of the city Labytnangi. He demanded the release of 64 Ukrainian political prisoners, but in the list are not included. The ECHR suggested that He stop the hunger strike. Ukrainian Director refused the offer.

On 9 June the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko discussed by telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin the issue of Ukrainian political prisoners. The leaders agreed that the ombudsmen of both countries in the near future to visit prisoners citizens.

Denisov on the morning of 28 June reported that he had arrived in the city of Labytnangi and plans to meet with Ukrainian political prisoners. The speaker Moskalkova Alexey Sovetov said that she came to Labytnangi to visit Sentsov, and Denisov arrived in the region “completely independently” and her joint visit concluded with the Russian Ombudsman is not planned.

Denisov noted that the motorcade Moskalkova 28 Jun drove past her. “From behind the gates I see people who came in procession, walking on the territory, Moskalkova makes a selfie… And we all hurt for Sentsov, who is on hunger strike for 46 days. We have no exact information what happened to him and how he feels… And the Russian Ombudsman will come out and again will have something to talk about “fasting”, said Parliament Commissioner for human rights.

Moskalkova after a meeting with Sentsov stated that “his condition was generally satisfactory, but still remains a concern for the developments since the 46th day of fasting, and it always requires a lot of attention.”