Mariupol and Vorskla in a penalty shootout determined the winner of the semi-finals.

Vorskla Poltava made it to the finals of the Ukrainian Cup, having beaten in the semi-finals of Mariupol in penalties.

In the first half, created more chances Vorskla, which stood Cana. On the 15th minute he shot from outside the penalty area and the ball flew a few inches from the rod, and after 15 minutes he shot into the near corner from the right penalty corner, Galchuk in the fall hit the ball, and Chesnakov from an acute angle on the rebound missed the target.

Mariupol scored with their first real moment. Gorbunov moved from the left flank and fired a shot but the ball ricocheted off a small Churko, who escaped the offside trap, flew into the net.

The second half started with another moment Vorskla – after a pass Kan the Baby’s head with the corner of the goal slightly punched in the goalkeeper’s hands.

After that, the game calmed down a bit and everyone was able to walk to the victory of Mariupol, but failed Tishchenko Stepaniuc on the left flank of the penalty area, but all the same Kane converted a penalty.

Cana could and did bring Vorskla win, but with the penalty shot wide, and before the end of the second half and missed a one-on-one.

In extra time the teams without risk, so the winner of the match was decided in a penalty shoot-out.

With the 11-meter shots better shot of the players Vorskla, which scored Cana, Purlin and Sklar (Sehic and Benco failed to convert a penalty), while Mariupol accurate was cusak and Polehenko, but fists, Ignatenko and Kornienko failed to beat the goalkeeper Poltava.

In the final, Shakhtar Donetsk will play against Dynamo Kiev, which is in the semifinals beat Meany. The decisive match of the Ukrainian Cup will be held in Lviv on July 8, if you allow the situation with coronavirus in the region.

Mariupol — Vorskla 1:1 (pen. — 2:3)
Goals: Gorbunov, 37 — Kan, 80 (foams.)

Mariupol: Galchuk — Polehenko, Korotenko, Jaworski (Bulls, 73), Korniyenko, Churko (Kulaks, 68), Ignatenko, Mishnev (Tishchenko, 75), Gorbunov (Dawa, 56) — Topalov (Kaschuk, 69), Fomin (The Dudik, 111).

Vorskla: Reznik (Of Isenko, 119) — Perduta, Chesnakov, Ndiaye (Of Benko, 81), Supai — Sklar, Purlin — Child (Sehic, 76), Kulach (Kravchuk, 60), Cana — Stepanyuk.

Warning: Topalov, Tishchenko, Bulls Sklar, Alon, Purlin, Chesnakov.

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