Carlos de Pena basketball fan.

Dynamo winger Carlos de Pena told what loves sports in addition to football.

“I love to watch basketball games, and tennis, especially when are the Grand slam tournaments or when playing one of my favorite tennis players. Also recently started watching NFL. I love to watch how they train and think on the field during games,” said the player.

Since childhood, the Uruguayan was involved in different sports.

“What I just did – played basketball and Rugby, and tennis, athletics and even swimming a bit. I love sports since childhood and now I think that sport is very important for health and communication, integration into society”, – said the footballer.

De Pena admitted that he is a fan of Michael Jordan, which I read books and watched movies.

“If you choose any one athlete from the world of football, it is definitely Michael Jordan. I admire his career, read about it books, seen movies, he’s my idol in the world of sports. Among the tennis players I admire Roger Federer. As for teams, I can’t call the native Nacional, which is not only the football team, and basketball Los Angeles Lakers”, – said the Uruguayan.

Previously de Pena called the regulations for the control of coronavirus.

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