In Australia, the 26-year-old girl became ill with the coronavirus and told his story of recovery.


According to DailyMail, Casey Edmonds on March 19, I returned to Perth (Australia) from London, where she spent a week. After 12 days she had symptoms of infection COVID-19 and the diagnosis was confirmed by doctors at Royal Perth hospital.

“The day before the announcement of the results, I was talking to my mom on the phone and said that never in my life felt so bad,” said Casey.

Casey Edmonds


14 days she had to spend in isolation in a small apartment. Almost all the time her fever, she could not sleep, suffered from chest pain and the girl has lost sense of smell and taste.

In addition to these symptoms the girl was scared and other factors – for example, she didn’t know what can help her from disease. In the end, at night she took Panadol and vitamins.

After Casey returned to the taste, and soon she recovered fully, but now is regularly checked, in case of re-infection immediately react.

Casey Edmonds and Roger cook


The Minister of health of Western Australia Roger cook noted that the experience Casey Edmonds shows that from COVID-19 is not insured young and healthy people, as previously assumed.

“This virus can cause serious damage to even the young and healthy residents of Western Australia,” cook said.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, a 40-year-old Joseph Wallace, moved the disease is coronavirus and told how his eyes were dead roommate.

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