Police said Christchu one of the most dangerous Czech hackers

Photo: pixabay.com

Police from the Czech city of Brno Lukas Lasecki refused the bribe of 384 million kroner (about $ 17 million) offered to him by the accused in major fraud hacker Peter Cristau for the return of seized during a search of the hard drive, which kept a few thousand bitcoins. About it reports on Sunday, the website of the Prague newspaper Mlada fronta dnes (“mladá fronta dnes”), – reports TASS.

According to the newspaper, the hard drive together with other computer equipment was seized from Kristi to identify evidence about his criminal activities. Police said Christchu one of the most dangerous Czech hackers. Previously, he was sentenced to four years in prison for hacking Bank accounts and stealing financial information.

Meanwhile, the investigators, which is owned and Lasecki, did not know what is contained on the hard drive, which the hacker showed extraordinary interest. Access codes to the digitized data was incapable of deciphering.


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Kristi, according to the newspaper, sent one of his friends as a mediator to the police with the offer of huge bribes for an exception of the number of confiscated items and return him to the carrier of electronic information. Lasecki from the money he refused and immediately reported the incident to his superiors. Criminal case initiated on the fact of attempt of bribery, transferred to the city court in Brno.

The consequence managed to establish that on your hard drive the hacker has hidden more than 3,200 bitcoins. Their cost is nearly 800 million kroons ($35 million). Thus, half of this amount he was willing to part to bribe a police officer, says the publication.

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