With 21.04.2020 year And the Bank sold the opportunity to replenish their card with cards of any Ukrainian banks directly in the mobile app АБанк24.


For the month use the service, customer And Bank payments amounted to more than 12 million hryvnia, and it is said that they have appreciated this opportunity as the most profitable. To replenish the card And the Bank don’t need to use apps of other banks, just go to the mobile app АБанк24 and top up my card with another Bank card.

44% of customers fill up the card And the Bank card of PrivatBank, and 10% from the maps of Mono, 6% – with cards of the Bank.



It is not surprising that the service became popular, because a Bank does not charge customers for depositing their cards, and the money within minutes go on the map.

How to credit card And Bank card of another Bank

1. Install the official app АБанк24 from Google Play or the App Store, downloading it to your phone.
2. In the main menu of the application on the drum, select “Add map”.
3. In the opened window, click “From another card” and enter the amount you want to recharge the card.




Clit And Bank popolnyat svoï of Cardi s kartok whether yakih Ukrainian Bank via application АБанк24

Z 21.04.2020 rock And Bank realseal mozliwosci popolnyat svoï of Cardi s kartok whether yakih Ukrainian Bank right in mobilnomu the dodatka АБанк24.

For misyats vikoristannya services clay And Bank scrip plativ put she her hope in 12 million UAH, and TSE swit scho koristuvach ocenili Qiu mozliwosci Yak naybilsh Viggo. Dwellers popuniti the card And Bank do not need to use dodatki HIH Bank, to dosite to go to mobilni application АБанк24 I popuniti your card s of kartki hogo Bank.

44% KLN popolnyat card And Bank z Kartek PrivatBank, 10% – s kartok the Mono, 6% – W kartok Oschadbank.


Curiously enough, scho posluga became popular, But after-the Bank does not bere comsu s CLT for dopovnennya their kartok and Groshi push stroke guilini madhumati on the card.

Yak Popovici card And Bank z Bank of kartki hogo

-Ustanovki oftiny application АБанк24 z Google Play or the App Store, sawataishi Yogo on sviy phone.
In the head menu programs include on baraban Viberti “Popunite card”.
Have VCN scho vacaloca, press “Z NSO of kartki” I wedt bag on the Yak I want Popovici card.

The information provided in the article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and article 6 of the Law of Ukraine On national minorities in Ukraine