The banner that says “Thank you, Russia” on Triumfalnaya square in Moscow

Screenshot: RT in Russian / YouTube

Near the monument to the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky on the triumphal square of Moscow, the Croatian fans unfurled a flag in the colors of the coat of arms of Croatia with the inscription “Thank you, Russia”. The event was broadcast on the TV channel RT.

Later, this same banner was unfurled on the podium in the sector of Croatian fans before the match 1/2 finals. Photo banner published sports journalist Mikhail Goncharov in Twitter.

The banner “Thank you, Russia” on the Croats now on the podium.

— Mike Goncharov (Russia-2018) (@gribo4ki) 11 Jul 2018


July 7, in the quarterfinals of the world Cup Croatia national team defeated the national team of the Russian Federation. After the match, former players of Kiev “Dynamo” Ognjen Vukojevic and domagoj Vida conveyed greetings to his former club and Ukraine. Vida shouted “Glory to Ukraine!” – Vukojevic said that “this victory for Dynamo and Ukraine!”.

Later Kind assured that in his words was not policy. With the same explanation was made by Vukojevic.

FIFA issued a warning, and midfielder Ognjen Vukojevic was fined 15 thousand Swiss francs (us$15.1 million) for unsportsmanlike conduct. Since then, over 150 thousand Ukrainians took part in a flashmob in Facebook, bringing down the page rank of FIFA.

July 9, the network has posted another entry with the Vida with the words “Glory to Ukraine!”. FIFA promised to study and this video.