The task was entrusted to the Minister of infrastructure and Vladislav Cricle “Ukrzaliznitsyu”, the author of the article


Since the adoption of the decision on the introduction of private thrust for the carriage of goods by rail a year has passed, but private locomotives did not begin to participate in the transportation, writes in the article “Cricle framed “Ukrzaliznitsya”, failing the start-up of private traction on Railways” on the website “112 Ukraine” the journalist Igor Smolov.

“This task was entrusted to the Minister of infrastructure and Vladislav Cricle “Ukrzaliznitsyu” he said. – Pilot project on the admission of private locomotives was supported by the Ministry of infrastructure. The project should be implemented with the full support and assistance of “Ukrzaliznytsya”. However, not wanting to break their monopoly, Ukrzaliznytsya began to sabotage and slow down the implementation of the project”.

He explained that first “Ukrzaliznitsya” has provided the Ministry of infrastructure offers to the procedure of approval of the admission of private locomotives, which contained a mandatory approval plots with Ukrzaliznytsya and stringent conditions for applicants, which significantly complicated the procedure.

“As a result, the process of reviewing applications of potential participants drowned in the quagmire of bureaucratic procedures and the meetings of the special Commission of the Ministry of infrastructure, which includes three representatives of “Ukrzaliznytsia”. Review of applications is carried out for months and much of it returns for formal reasons. While no decision on the admission of private locomotives not accepted”, – said the author.

The reporter noted that the technological process of transportation of goods by private locomotives not perfected, for its approval only recently established a working group, and no single technology interaction between Ukrzaliznytsya and the owner of the locomotive further advancement would be impossible.

“The unresolved question of the establishment of a tariff for the carriage of goods by private locomotives. Applicable orders of the Ministry of infrastructure establishes unequal conditions of tariff for locomotives “Ukrzaliznytsya” and private locomotives – in fact, the private locomotive is considered to be a burden on their axes, for the carriage which he had to pay three times as much locomotive “Ukrzaliznytsia” (the coefficient is 3,722), as I consider it not as a locomotive, but as the load on the axles at a cost of 18 cars,” wrote Smolov.

He believes that Ukrzaliznytsia would have to prepare an agreement for the admission of private locomotives, but the company is “set up” office Cricle and the contract developed by the experts.

“Ukrzaliznytsya” for its actions delaying the implementation of the pilot project and doing all that he never not started or its implementation was not successful. The “Ukrzaliznytsia” substitutes the Minister of infrastructure Cricle relative to the start of private traction on the rail”, – concludes Smolov.