The completion of accelerated pre-trial investigation into the murder of Kherson activists Catherine Gandzyuk may be due to the approaching local elections.

Comments about this “Gordon” said the father of the deceased Victor Gandzyuk. According to him, the current Chairman of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav manger and set as final customer of a crime – “very influential person and may affect the election results.”

“No guarantees, no faith that the court case ends in a verdict. Evidence of no more. No one tried to collect them. Why? I do not know. Do not rule out some kind of agreement and even a material interest. Perhaps it is the desire to quickly finish the job Kati and create the appearance of justice. It is not excluded connection with the upcoming regional elections. Everything is possible”, – he said.

Victor Gandzyuk

The father of the murdered activists admitted that the investigation was an unexpected news for everyone. Reminded about the meeting with the attorney General Irina Venediktova, where he advocates claimed that in the case still have a lot to do.

“And suddenly it’s been three weeks and the case was submitted to the court. I think it’s criminal haste. Her case could fall apart in court. We have seen how a smile Munger took the message to transfer the case to the court, comments his lawyers. They got what they wanted. Turned out that the Prosecutor General and, in particular, Ms. Venediktova, worked not in the interests of the victim, and the interests of lawyers likely customer, and himself,” – says Victor Gandzyuk.

He also expressed doubt that the investigation was able to quickly get hard evidence. And stressed that the prosecution has not provided answers to several questions regarding the investigation.

“For example, there are two helper, which somehow don’t remember: Andrey Gordeev Evgeny Rasuk. The briefing said nothing on it. Probably no one tried to get evidence. Next was a motion to dismiss the manger from duty for the head of a regional Council, as it could influence the investigation and witnesses, to use the Finance field for bribery. It never did. We requested to punish the police who hindered the investigation and destroyed a significant part of the evidence that jailed an innocent man. Asked to deal with the former head of the regional police, on which there is evidence that it was he who helped Levine to escape abroad. This too, no one did,” he listed Victor Gandzyuk.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, informed the father of the deceased activist Catherine Gandzyuk Victor accused the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Iryna Venediktova in “the destruction business” about the murder of his daughter and urged President Vladimir Zelensky to intervene in the situation.

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