Russian commentator Vasily Utkin has challenged the propagandist Vladimir Solovyov after a skirmish in the network and offered to conduct a Versus Battle.

The journalist said that he wants to humiliate a colleague, and expressed confidence in the failure of the opponent from the meeting.

“So aunty, you filthy midget, Nightingale droppings… And me so little. But it has gone too far. I think it’s time for us to meet on rules Versus Battle. A fair verbal fight. Come on, try to defend themselves. I want to humiliate you. I want to get you back to the place that you occupy. And I’ll do it. As you hurt a single tweet, huh? And you’re absolutely Zass*nil. You have no way out, you coward,” said Utkin broadcast your YouTube channel.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Vladimir Soloviev and Vasily Utkin gave Zaruba to a network, remembering Kiev.

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