Photo: SPLASH NEWS Girls got into a fight on stage because of the silicone buttocks

The losing girl accused of finalists that their buttocks are not natural, and attacked the winner.

In Brazil the Miss BumBum contest in 2018, which is presenting the award for the most beautiful buttocks of Brasil, fought participants. Reported by the Daily Mail.

After the pronouncement of judicial verdict that the title goes model Ellen Santana, on scene ran one of the participants. Alyne UVA was not among the three finalists, and decided to rectify the situation in their own way.

The girl ripped off her winning ribbon and put on. Then the participants staged a brawl on the stage.

UVA argues that only she deserved the award as buttocks finalists artificial and made with silicone. The winner calmly responded to the incident, stating that she took the ribbon winners, but will not be able to take the title.

Earlier, the Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskikh was criticized for photos of naked buttocks. Fans said that it was too candid shot. Also the Correspondent wrote that Ratajkowski showed the Nude buttocks in a bikini.

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