According to the CIT, by this time the names of eight Russians who died in the air strikes of the international coalition

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A group of independent researchers Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) published in Facebook the names of three Russian citizens who were killed in Syria in air strike of the coalition headed by the USA on 7 February.

CIT refers to the data of several users of the network and the local Russian media.

So, referring to the message of the Twitter user Necro Mancer, CIT reports on the death of Russian Alexei Shikhov Callsign Cadet from Nizhny Novgorod, previously fought in the Donbass against the Ukrainian army. Information about the. also added to the database “Purgatory” of the Ukrainian project “the Peacemaker.“

About the death in Syria of Vladimir with the call the Apostle (last name unknown) reported in Facebook, the representative of the organization “Triune Russia” Sergey Moiseyev.

In turn, the Yekaterinburg edition wrote about the death in Syria Ruslan Gavrilov from the village of Cedar Sverdlovsk region. On the death of Gavrilov CIT previously reported by an anonymous source, but then the group was unable to immediately confirm this information.

CIT notes that by this time managed to identify eight killed in the air strike on 7 February. Besides the above-mentioned Igor Kosoturov (Asbestos), Stanislav Matveev (Asbestos), Cyril Anan’ev (Moscow), Vladimir Loginov (Kaliningrad), Aleksey Ladygin (Ryazan). According to the journalist Denis Kazan, all of them fought against the Ukrainian government forces in the Donbass.

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Posted by Conflict Intelligence Team on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

8 February 2018, Reuters reported that coalition air strike in Syria that killed about 100 soldiers of the army of the allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. According to Bloomberg, killed 200 people, most of whom were Russians.

CBS sources in the Pentagon reported that Syria were killed by “Russian mercenaries”. Research group Conflict Intelligence Team believes that we are talking about the PMCs soldiers “Wagner”, which operates in the mineral deposits in the Euphrates river valley.

The former “defense Minister” of the terrorist organization “DNR” Igor Girkin (Shooters) stated that reports of casualties in Syria are continuously changing in the direction of increase. “At the moment it is clear that the dead and wounded – real hundreds. Several hundred. The rest of the discordance. But the latest figures (“not final”, as reported) looks “beyond”. Allegedly as many as 600 (644, to be precise – and it only killed)”, he said.

According to the Minister of defense James Mattis, the Russian side stated that its forces in the air strikes was not originally.