Rudi Garcia said that his team still has to go through many obstacles.

Lyon coach Rudi Garcia commented his team’s victory over man city and access to the 1/2 final of the Champions League.

“I am proud of my players. We believed in ourselves. Knew that we play against top teams and are not favorites. The key to our success is the team spirit. Everyone played for each other, and substitute players helped a lot.

Moussa Dembele: I’m upset that it was not in the lineup, but I told him before the match that it will be very important for us. In the end, the fate of the match was decided by substitute players as the first two quarter-finals.

We won the tactical fight. Develop our system of play. There is still a lot of games, and we have to overcome many more obstacles in its path”, — quotes the words of Rudi Garcia UEFA’s official website.

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