Spana sancity Tsey championship Russie?

On CHempionat world s football in nedly, on July 1, 1/8 finalu Shruti SBM Span the Russie. Online stream on Корреспондент.net.

SBM Span the Russie soustrot 1/8 finalu the world Championship in nedly, 1 lipnya. Match go through stadon in Moscow at “Luzhniki”, on the cob 17:00 kiskeam hour.

Absolutni favorite match for Versu bookmakers s compan Favorite Sport, Spania. Peremoga spanco rates priymayutsya s coefcients at 1.58, Peremoga Russie was 6.75, nciu in major hours at 4.05.

Spana – Rosiya: online broadcast of the match championship of the world s football Корреспондент.net

Spana Villa in the playoffs iz pershoho msca in group, shrachi until s Portugal (3:3), peregi Run (1:0) and rosasolis the world s Morocco (2:2).

Rosiya Bula and the other in group And razgromili Saudis Arabia (5:0), peregi Gipet (3:1) and razgromnoe programsi Uruguay (0:3).

Spina became the world champion in 2010 year, and Grasim desagana Russie je ninny wihd 1/8 fnalu.

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