Christ is risen — and all quarantined.

Moscow is without form and void.

And red would be so banned

To gather in honor of the risen Christ.

But the virus was less red,

It is a new found fun —

Forced to huddle in burrows safe

And run for grub to pass.

Judas, meanwhile, was not discouraged,

Caiaphas Ministers to his parish,

Not only Pilate washes his hands,

But even with a sanitizer wipe…

“How to bring — so everything is on schedule

How to crucify any moron in a hurry,

And to celebrate, when I rise,

Does not allow the quarantine?”

Yes, people like this, others do not,

So they memorized Genesis*.

If we refused to parade,

It is Easter they were never allowed.

Well, that secret fun

In the capital empty bottled:

Just like back then. Because Of The Resurrection

Then not celebrating one.

We zeroed in, we short circuited:

Then, as today, all day long

Sitting at home in quarantine

Overwhelmed by fear and longing,

Thought to escape from the quarantine

Not courage but a mask on her face,

Silence, the intake of carotene

And future vitamin C.

And also, incidentally, there was a sense of retribution,

Overtaken by retribution of the country

And the Romans (as it is now, medics)

Instilled in us a consciousness of guilt.

Some fell into a rage and boring,

Other tormented neoteny credit

And God, it seemed, no, not turned away:

On the contrary, turned and looked.

“Christ Is Risen!” — not a holiday, but freedom,

The collapse of the ghetto, the collapse of the walls.

Others will not notice the transition

But Christ returned not to all.

And this news Magdalene,

Outcasts of all being.

She’s not afraid of the quarantine.

Something to fear the fallen? Nothing.

*Genesis — the biblical Book of Genesis

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