Photo: still from video Virtual news anchor

Virtual presenter reads the news using the synthesized voice. It can work round the clock.

In China, state-run Xinhua news Agency “hired” completely artificial newsreader. It can work 24 hours a day, and news to read using a synthetic voice. About it writes The Verge.

The creators do not disclose the technology used to create the speaker. It is assumed that for was based on real people. After you create the base layer were superimposed animated parts of the mouth and face.

To use artificial speakers plan to create news reports for television, Internet and mobile products. However, a significant drawback is a limited range of facial expressions. Also to improve in need of a voice that sounds unnatural, Sliska.

Earlier it was reported that the American TV channel experimented with 3D technology in the broadcast of the weather forecast and “burn” lead.

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