Luís Castro has commented upon the forthcoming match of the Europa League semifinals.

Monday, August 17, Shakhtar will play with inter in the semi-finals of the Europa League. The teams will play a single match at this stage in düsseldorf.

Head coach of “miners” luís Castro spoke about the upcoming fight, telling about the team’s preparation.

“No difficulties in the preparation no. Between games there are six days, so we have a clear plan of recovery. That’s exactly what we’re doing right now, and tomorrow we will move to a more strategic component of the preparation for the game. New injured players we have, all ready for the upcoming match.

Italian experts say that the style of play of Shakhtar convenient for inter? Well, that’s their opinion. I would not like to comment on some third-party tests and what the opponents say. I focused on his team and take into account their own comments. If they feel comfortable with the attacking game of a miner, that is their problem, not mine.

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Speaking of inter, we in any case should not look for any weaknesses the team has at this level. It is clear that inter and most likely won’t be looking for we have some delicate side. When the teams meet in the semi-finals of such tournaments like the Europa League or Champions League, it is a very competent teams in all aspects of the game. This would be a difficult battle, in which both teams will try to win. I think that everyone has a clear chance to pass to the final. As a miner with inter and Manchester United with Sevilla, will be one of those matches where no one to the end will not know the outcome.

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Any of the coaches, whether it be Manchester United, Sevilla or inter Milan, will not be able to name the favourites to win the Europa League. Now you need to play and do it with full concentration and full dedication. We talked from the beginning of the season that they can play at any stadium against any team. That’s what we do. Outside of Ukraine we have not lost a single match, in the Champions League and the Europa League. Try to repeat this success, because everyone knows that the miner is also one of the favorites to win the tournament. Play the semi-finals and watch the final – that is what we need”, – quotes Castro

Recall that Shakhtar beat Basel in the quarterfinals and advanced to the next stage of the tournament.

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