Shtepa went from a second panel of judges for the day

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The second day a panel of judges will not participate in the proceedings ex-mayor of Slavyansk Nely Shtepy: all three were elected today the automated system of the judges recused himself.

This was told by lawyer Alexander Tananakin, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“Just in the court after the break, announced that another three judges – Olkhovsky, Evtifeev, Grimailo, – selected by the computer in a database of Lenin regional court of Kharkov, recused himself. Judges, according to them, the fear of bias in the proceedings,” said the lawyer.

According to him, the case will be transferred in Appeal court of the Kharkov area for determination of jurisdiction, that is, a different district court of Kharkiv: “a database of Lenin regional court left the judges, except those who have already participated in this process and came out of him through rejection”.

“After the announcement about the next rejection. went to Slavyansk, where she is under round-the-clock house arrest with an electronic bracelet. There were no incidents,” – said the lawyer.

According to the press Secretary of the Prosecutor of Kharkiv region Vita Dubovik, the decision to recuse judges have taken on their own, “without any influence from the Prosecutor’s office”.


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“Today is the fifth court considering criminal proceedings on fact and who announced the withdrawal, without starting the hearing. Unfortunately, the law obliges us to begin considering once again”, – said Dubovik.

According to her, in October 2017, the regional Prosecutor’s office started criminal proceedings on the fact of obviously illegal decision (article 375, article 368 of the criminal code of Ukraine) for the replacement of the preventive measure of the accused Shtepa Freres with the requirements of part 5 of article 176 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine, which provides only the content under straina suspected of such crimes.

“Judges who have considered this trade for three years was fired for breach of oath of a judge, the withdrawal of the violation of criminal procedure. We understand how the society is tired of a long-term process, but did not respond to a clear violation of the current legislation, which could lead to discredit the judiciary and to block the administration of justice,” – said Dubovik.

As reported by UKRINFORM, 11 January the Leninsky district court of Kharkiv adjourned the case Neelie Shtepa, as all three members of the jury – Shramko (presiding), Bondarenko and Grinchuk – recused himself, citing the fact that they “pressure”. The court was adjourned for the selection of a new jury on the database of the Lenin regional court of Kharkov.


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November 15, 2017 Lenin regional court of Kharkov postponed the hearing due to the fact that the two judges assigned to the proceedings Shtepa said withdrawal. The court denied them. On hearing of their rejection, Shtepa, according to the lawyer, began to cry: “She said she was sick and may not live to see the completion of the trial”.

On 20 September the Lenin district court at the request of defense changed the measure of restraint to Stay with the content in jail-hour house arrest with an electronic bracelet.

Shtepa detained July 11, 2014. At trial, she explained that Putin urged to enter into Slavyansk under the threat of terrorists in captivity of the terrorists beat her, and the interview for Russian media made “at gunpoint”. She faces a life sentence.

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The court in the case of Neelie Shtepa was postponed because of the absence of the accused