Soldier destroyed equipment at 28 million rubles

Photo: screenshot

In the Internet appeared the video, which depicted ordinary semen Merezhnikov and vehicles burning in the background. Soldiers, trying to heat up canned food on a fire accidentally destroyed the BTR-82 and military ammunition amounting to more than 28 million rubles.

Reportedly, the incident took place in may 2017, however, the video was posted online just now.


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Burned-out BTR-82 in the classroom was covered with a camouflage net, a tarp and dry grass. All this erupted from divorced members of the military fire. The fire was the damage for the sum more than 28 million rubles.

The Astrakhan garrison military court sentenced the soldier Merezhnikov a sentence of six months of service in a disciplinary military unit.

As previously reported, Russia’s APC at full speed and demolished the car. Foreign car tried to slip the intersection, however, suddenly left the armored car.

Also a nasty case of armored vehicles has occurred and in Ukraine. Under the Kalinovka convoy of military equipment had an accident. The fault of the military faced the armored personnel carrier and passenger Pegeut.

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In Russia, the soldiers lit a fire and burned the new APC
7 November 2017, 17:22

The incident resulted in damage to 28 million rubles – almost 490 thousand dollars

Accidents and crime

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On 28 September 2017, 17:22

Škoda received mechanical damages, victims are not present