According to the publisher Forbes, he knows Sobchak many years

Photo: EPA

President, international media group ACMG (published in the Russian magazine Forbes) Alexander Fedotov said that is one of the sponsors of the election campaign the journalist Ksenia Sobchak, who is running for President of Russia, according to Forbes.

The businessman has confirmed his participation in the financing, but a specific amount refused to name.

According to Fedotov, he knows Sobchak for many years, and on his intention to run, the journalist informed him in August 2017. Then she asked for financial support.

Fedotov said that “now, when Ksenia and staff were able to collect over 100 thousand signatures in support of the CEC verifies signatures, I can openly say that Yes, I’m Alexander Fedotov, is one of the sponsors of its election campaign”.

According to him, “Xenia – bold and daring, a bright, young and smart.” Fedotov added that “in the country there is a place for politicians”. He also said he supported the provisions on freedom of expression and the media, who are in the program Sobchak.

26 December 2017, the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation allowed Sobchak to participate in the presidential elections which will be held on 18 March 2018.

22 Jan headquarters Sobchak said that the journalist gathered the necessary 100 thousand signatures for registration in the elections of the President of Russia.