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The man was beaten by three colleagues, and buried him alive in the sand. When Indian ceased to move left to celebrate.

In India, beaten and buried alive the man managed to get out of the grave. About it reports the local edition of The Times of India.

The incident occurred in the Indian city of Gondal. Local resident Kapil maracanã six years working in maslovare. When the company has a new owner, the previous owner started to blame their loss on the Maracana.

Both master maslovare with another man stole the worker and beat him. The attackers had beaten bury in the sand, and when he stopped moving, gone to celebrate.

The Indian was able to get out from under the sand and tried to escape. The attackers saw him and chased after him. But maracanã ran to the local prison and asked for help from the police.

The trio tried to escape, but police caught up with them. Malefactors were detained.

Earlier it was reported that the parents wanted to bury the baby by mistake. Also the Correspondent wrote that in Japan, there was a funeral service for sex dolls.

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