In the bus of the Dnieper was a conflict

Screenshot: Our Misto / YouTube

July 18 in the river bus passengers beat up the woman who paid for two seats to be near her no one was sitting. This was reported by “Nashe Misto”.

According to the publication, the woman paid for two seats and sat on the double seat one. Other bus passengers did not like it, and began a verbal altercation. The man struck the woman several blows with his fist in the face.

Other passengers also joined the beating and insults women.

“Pulled out of the bus, ripped t-shirt and beat. None of it stood up, and the driver did not react”, – reports the edition.

Caution. In the video there are images of violence and obscene language.

VIDEOVideo: Our Misto / YouTube

According to the information of “Dnepr Operational”, the man who repeatedly punched a woman in the bus, “has found and punished”.

“Tracked down concerned citizens and explained that to do so is not necessary”, – stated in the message.

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Publication of the Dnieper Operational (@dnepr_operative) 18 Jul 2020 12:46 PDT