Photo: Daily Post Wales a century of British first got married

The choice of a century a resident of Britain younger than her 26 years. To the altar the woman went in a wheelchair to the song Dancing Queen.

In Britain, the woman Nora Witness, which turned 100 years old, married lover. A man younger than his lady for 26 years. About it reports The Mirror.

The couple met in 1980 at the dance lessons. Nora and Malcolm Yates, who is now 74 years old, started Dating and since then never parted.

The wedding ceremony was held in the city of Presteen, County of Denbighshire, and the bride went to the altar in a wheelchair to the song Dancing Queen by ABBA.

The woman admitted that to feel like a bride it was amazing and worth the wait for so many years. In turn, Malcolm confessed that he could not dance until the meeting with his beloved, and their dance was the cha-cha-cha.

In the British city of Colchester grandmother from the nursing home threw a party with naked waiters. The idea was 89-year-old resident of the house. Previously in the US, the pensioner found in the Park diamond, almost three carats.

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