The Embassy of the Russian Federation in great Britain has expressed indignation at the fact that the Ministry of defense of Western European States have published data on suspected Russian journalists.

“This threatens the security of Russian citizens, not to mention a blatant violation of accepted in civilized countries standards”, — TASS quotes the diplomats ‘ letter.

The Department stated that this act was supposedly “part of the overall campaign of the British authorities to create permanent obstacles to Russian media in the country.”

Novostyami Grushnik: Russia pierced with data from secret spy

“Many of our journalists complain of problems with visas, the closure of accounts in British banks, faced with an unreasonable numerous nagging controlling bodies”, — claim in Department.

In the Embassy said that the journalists, who were seen directly under the military base in Berkshire, allegedly “carried out their work without breaking any laws of the UK.”

Timur Siraziev

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, previously the main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Russia (GRU) got into a major scandal in the Netherlands. According to authorities, in April 2018, the Netherlands has deported four Russians, planning to conduct a cyber attack on the organization associated with the case of the poisoning of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia.

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