Brezhnev introduced the song “You are my man”

Photo: ververa / Instagram

Singer Vera Brezhnev in the Parking staged dances to the song “You’re my man.” Behind the scenes was heard the laughter. As he wrote of Brezhnev in Instagram, it provided the Ukrainian musicians Nadia Dorofeeva and Vladimir Dantes.

As we were shooting #Temascaltepec Voice (laughter) behind the scenes @nadyadorofeeva @vladimirdantes @borodina #premierleague #uberregionalen link to the song in the header of the profile ❣ Who loves to dance?) #avanzo

Publication of Vera Brezhneva (@ververa) Jan 18, 2018 at 11:07 PST

Where was filmed movie, not reported. At the moment Dorofeeva and Dantes rest in the United States.

The song “You are my people,” wrote Konstantin Meladze. It has already shot clip.

In September 2017 Brezhnev became the leading show “Success” on the Russian channel STS.

She has toured in cities of Russia.