George Bowen believes that someday he will play for the national team.

Goalkeeper of Dynamo George Bowen told about his dream to play for the national team of Ukraine.

The goalkeeper admitted that he was hoping for a challenge from Andriy Shevchenko during the last collection, which did not take place due to the coronavirus.

“Do I think I have a chance to get to Euro? I don’t think it’s fantastic, especially the Euro suffered. I was hoping for a challenge, but this has not taken place. It means the coaching staff thinks I’m not ready for the national team. But I don’t give up, work. I have a dream to play for the national team,” said football player during a live broadcast on the YouTube channel Dynamo Kiev.

The goalkeeper also said that another dream for him is to play against Gianluigi Buffon, which takes the example.

“Who focused besides Shovkovsky? Gianluigi Buffon. I watch Juventus and Serie A, I am impressed by this championship. I still dream to play against Buffon,” he says.

Bowen previously told how spending time in quarantine.

Recall that Dinamo went into quarantine because of pandemic coronavirus. at the moment in Ukraine 3102 recorded case of infection COVID-19, 93 of which have lethal.

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