Ruslan Tkalenko withdrew from the race on the third leg, the fourth stage of the world Cup.

Ukraine failed to finish the relay race in Oberhof.

In the fourth stage of the biathlon world Cup in Oberhof, Ruslan Tkalenko was removed from the race. In the third stage of the relay, the Russian Dmitry Malyshko on the circle closed Ukrainian Ruslan Tkalenko.

Winners in the relay were the Russian team, second went to the French, in third place was Austria.

Relay. Men
1. Russia (0+6) 1:20:54,3
2. France (1+8) +1:01,1
3. Austria (1+7) +2:18,6
4. Czech Republic (1+10) +2:36,0
5. Sweden (1+7) +2:42.7 W
6. Italy (0+14) +2:43,1
7. Norway (2+16) 2:43,1
8. Germany (2+17) +2:54,9
LPD Ukraine (5+11)

Recall that in the women’s sprint, the Ukrainian team took the 8th place.

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