Among the cheaters, a new kind of divorce by false SMS and self-service terminals.

Its history of cheating in Facebook told Ukrainian Marina the Lord is my light. She noted that for the first time faced with such a Scam.

From Kiev said that on the popular site OLX was put up for sale expensive cooking surface (600 UAH 10).

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“Calling someone who says he wants to buy, will send a courier, and the money will throw on the map. Everything is logical. The courier arrived, waiting for the accrual of money. Just got a text. All is well, left. Via the time I go in Privat, and no money. I called the Bank and the operator says to me: we are not serving ibox (with this terminal was conducted to accrual). Call warm line ibox, check the info and all the fake and is a fraud,” she complained.

The Lord is my light reported that he contacted the number indicated in the SMS, and phone scams began to extort money from her.

Scammers on OLX


“I call again on the number that passed, free of charge, and then it went another conversation. Says 1500 UAH and plate your. Yeah, of course. Trust people. No money, no plate. Someone will say that I’m stupid. Just sharing my experience that more people are not caught. As they say forewarned is forearmed”, she concluded.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, from Kiev denounced a new scheme of divorce in Ukraine.

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