Behemoth hired former Job For A Cowboy drummer Jon Rice for their summer tour with Slayer and Lamb Of God. The reason for this is that Drummer Inferno (Zbigniew Robert Promiński) becomes a father for the second time in July and therefore fails for the six-week Behemoth tour in the States.

“Jon Rice is a very talented and experienced drummer and a good friend of ours,” said Inferno. “He will easily take my place and bring the stage to a boil.”

The band is also working on a successor to the 2014 released “The Satanist”. The plate will probably be released at the end of next year.

Slayer announced this would be their final tour and they will break up after “one last, final world tour”.

Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Behemoth and Testament will accompany Slayer on the first leg of their last world tour in North America.

From the original cast of the active since 1981 Slayer are still singer and bassist Tom Araya and guitarist Kerry King left. In 2013, the musicians had to cope with the death of their founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

Most recently, Kerry King had been optimistic for a new Slayer album in 2018 – by contrast, Tom Araya muted any expectations of it.

“It’s time to retire after 35 years,” laughed Araya in 2016 in an interview. He had rejoiced with joy for years, but meanwhile he wanted to be there as a family man finally properly for his children.

In addition, he can no longer headbang since his neck surgery, which is why he was missing something important: “Singing and headbanging just belonged to me.”

So far it is known that Slayer will contest their final US tour with Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Behemoth and Testament. Hopefully this fat package will also come to Europe!

Slayer are dead, long live Slayer!