Restaurants in April, lost three-quarters of the revenue

The most difficult month for the food was April, when revenues amounted to only a quarter of normal.

During the quarantine the hardest Ukrainian restaurants was in April – this month, the revenue of catering enterprises accounted for only 26% from February. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by the company on automation of cafes, restaurants and shops Poster.

Slightly better in the case was in may, after the easing of quarantine in the second half of the month. Then resumed activities 70% of catering establishments.

“The average revenue after the opening of the summer playgrounds was 50% of the pre-crisis period. For comparison, in early April, this figure was 33% and 22% respectively”, – stated in the message.

“Four weeks in April-may, the drop in turnover in small restaurants, middle and low segment averaged 58%, and bars – 53% compared to the four weeks before the quarantine. Burger and cafe lost 45% and 43%, respectively. A café in this period lost an average of 12% of decorating sales”, – stressed in the Poster.

It is noted that sank institution, which until the quarantine worked only for shipping – 4%

The company’s research Poster is based on the operating data of approximately 4000 institutions of Ukraine. It is believed that the institution did not stop the work on the quarantine, if there was a sale for at least half the days of quarantine.



Recall, from 5 June, the cafes and restaurants were allowed to receive visitors in the premises, but subject to certain conditions. Before that, a Cabinet with pots and pans, the protesters demanded to open restaurants. Restaurateurs wanted power allowed them not only summer terrace, but also inside the institutions.


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