Not all people who smile in the face, in fact, these cute and cuddly they seem. Sometimes this is nothing more than a mask behind which they hide a personal dislike to you.

OBOZREVATEL have prepared a list of the most hypocritical signs of the Zodiac, which should beware.


Selena Gomez

Photo: instagram/selenagomez

Born: 22 July 1992

Representatives of this sign are big hypocrites and pretenders. You never know what they feel and their true nature, because they are very fickle. Cancers often change opinions, images, masks. This behavior is due to the fact that they often do not know what they want.

Novolisina as a lifestyle: the most unfaithful Zodiac signs

Angelina Jolie

Photo: NewsOne

Born: 4 June 1975

People born under this Zodiac sign are, by nature very two-faced. They are ready for any deception and humiliation for the sake of personal success. For example, do not miss a chance to flatter the boss for career advancement. They are also a versatile skill wash up bones to all without exception.


Jennifer Aniston


Born: 11 February 1969

Aquarians are energy vampires, vindictive personality and hypocrites. It is with great pleasure in front of others will sling mud at you, make fun of weaknesses and say what you’re nothing. But in your face they will say, you are a wonderful and kind man.

OBOZREVATEL earlier built the list of Zodiac signs, which are often attributed to outbreaks of anger.

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