Photo: This beer is brewed to praise the all-new, unbiased and progressive

The American bar was taken off the market “anti-racist” beer because of references to racism. The wrapper of the beer is very similar to the hoods of the ku Klux of klinovcem and this allegedly misleads buyers.

A network of bars World of Beer in the United States stopped selling crafting “anti-racist” beer because of the similarity of its paper packaging with the ku Klux clan. The wrapper simulates the hooded members of the organization, says Business Insider.

The packaging suggests that the manufacturer of beer supports racism, but actually the opposite. “Anti-racist” message can only be read on the label, removing the packaging.

The beer is called Yellow Belly. It was cooked company from Sweden Omnipollo and Buxton Brewery from the UK.

On the website Omnipollo explained the idea of beer: “Yellow Belly is a person, having neither courage, nor firmness, nor the nerves, is a coward. In our opinion, the maximum cowardice manifests itself in an attempt to act anonymously, hiding behind the face of any group… This beer is brewed to glorify all things new, open-minded and progressive. Try new things, enjoy and break free from prejudice”.

However, Yellow Belly decided to remove from sale after a single case. World of Beer has beer filed two clients – the dark-skinned and white-skinned men. The last house showed the bottle to the wife, which the social network wrote an angry post. She noted that at least the beer is “anti-racist”, but the waiters have to warn about its semantic purpose.

World of Beer after beer of this publication decided to shoot.

“Recognize that this is an unusual format, out of context it can be misleading and can seem offensive,” – said co-founder of Omnipollo Henok Fenty.

Earlier we wrote that the beer brand has let unsold beer to fertilize spruce trees. One of the leaders of the company said he will cry if he knows the total amount of spilled beer.

It was also reported that the brewery gave free beer to everyone. Blame the quarantine.

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