Fuel prices continue to rise

The growth of retail prices started in the end of June. Since all types of fuel rose on average by 78 kopecks./l.

A large retail network in Ukraine in recent days, increase the price of gasoline and diesel fuel. On Thursday, July 16, according to ekogh citing data from price monitoring of the market of Consulting group A-95.

In particular, July 16, network AMIC increased the price of 27 cents per liter, gasoline a-95 rose to 24.44 UAH, A-92 – 23,42 UAH, diesel fuel – to 23.44 UAH/liter.

Network Avtoport all fuels rose by 40 cents: A-95 – UAH to 24.40, A-92 and diesel fuel – to UAH 23,80/l.

The stations Motto diesel fuel rose on average by 15 kopecks. and gasoline – 12-15 cents per liter. Mango has increased the price tags for 60-70 kopecks./l.

It is noted that the increase in retail prices began on June 29. Since retail prices on all types of fuels increased on average by 78 kopecks./

Last time before this major retail operators have raised the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel more than a year ago – in April 2019.

According to A-95, in the month of June, prices for gasoline in the wholesale segment grew by more than 7% (1.20 UAH/liter) – to 16.80 UAH/liter for A-92 and of 17.75 UAH/liter for A-95.

Diesel fuel since the beginning of the month rose 6 per cent, or 90 cents to 15.70 UAH/l For the first week of July, wholesale prices rose another 5%.


Recall that in mid-June documented increase of prices at gas stations economy segment. Then for 10 days the cost of gasoline at the Metropolitan stations, BRSM-Nafta, Avantage, Motto increased by 50 kopecks./l. Marshal during this period increased gasoline prices by 60 kopecks./l.

In turn, large chain gas stations have begun to raise prices at the end of June. Then at gas stations WOG and OKKO petrol and diesel went up by 30 and 50 kopecks./l, respectively.

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