Another batch of drugs seized from the Russians in Buenos Aires

Photo: Patricia Bullrich / Facebook

Security service Ezeiza international airport in Buenos Aires detained the Russian citizen who tried to export from Argentina 4 kg of cocaine. On 27 February, reported in Facebook the Minister of security of Argentina Patricia Bullrich.

At examination of Luggage of the citizen of the Russian Federation law enforcement officers found in a suitcase a double bottom, under which was discovered the packages containing drugs.

According to Bullrich, inspection measures were tightened after police found 389 kg of cocaine in the school at the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires.

Un ciudadano ruso despacha sus valijas en Ezeiza. La Policía de Seguridad Aeroportuaria hace un control exhaustivo y…

Опубліковано Patricia Bullrich Вівторок, 27 лютого 2018 р.

The name of the detainee is not called.

About the criminal case on the international drug trade, involving Russian diplomats, it became known on February 22. The investigation began in December 2016, when the Russian Ambassador in Argentina Victor koronelli told local authorities that the building of the Embassy school discovered 12 suitcases with 389 kilograms of cocaine.

Law enforcement officers replaced the drugs with flour, and the bags were outfitted with GPS sensors.

Bullrich said that in December 2017 load “of cocaine” was as diplomatic bags sent to Moscow “for the Russian government aircraft.”

After arrival of the goods to Russia in December 2017, was detained three people, including a former employee of the Embassy Ali Aslanov.

Two other defendants in the case, President of the Foundation for MORAL (“Russian Orthodox patrons of art in Latin America”) Alexander Chica and a former Argentine police officer Ivan Bliznyuk, detained by the Argentine authorities.

The alleged organizer of the smuggling of cocaine Andrey Kovalchuk, according to the FSB, is hiding in Germany.