23 Oct aktiviziruyutsya 5th Arkan – Arkan Teachers and teaching, so the day will be very favorable for acquiring new knowledge and creating learning programs.

This forecast exclusively for OBOZREVATEL shared forecaster-the tarragon Olga Strips. According to her, this day you can enroll or begin to teach. In the end, to read or watch something informative and everything will fall in fertile ground and will bear fruit.

This day, according to Tarot reader also divided into two parts – the seventh and eighth lunar days. The seventh lunar day continues from yesterday and lasts until 15.09, and the eighth shall be from 15.09 till October 24.

“In the first half of the day and yesterday afternoon, is in the power of words, and all words that should be said, will have considerable weight and tend to come true. So, be careful what is released from the mouth, do not say more, not tittle-tattles, and better encourage yourself and others to overcome obstacles and conquer new peaks. Also a good time for the printed word, so it is recommended to write you today to begin work on a book,” said Straw.

According to her, the eighth lunar day – the time of rebirth and transformation, reconstructed rhythms of the body, produces more energy and you feel able to start life anew.

“Day active, powerful, plans are constantly changing, so you need to be ready for surprises and improvisations. You can attempt new things, to travel, to change jobs and place of residence. But it is advisable not to overload the body experiences and changes. A little bit of everything,” added the tarragon.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, Straw said that, on 14 October began a period of so-called mercury retrograde, which will last until 3 November. This means that now it will be for someone to roll their problems. These days it is not advisable to buy anything substantial and expensive, not to make responsible transactions, not start new cases.

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