Arakhamia: If you need to make a decision intra-faction, make a decision in the mini-faction

Photo: David Braun / Facebook

Inside the parliamentary faction of the “servant of the people” decision if it is supported by 70% of people’s deputies. This September 5, the TV channel “1+1” said the head of the faction David Arakhamiya.

According to him, MPs from the “public Servants” divided into 15 mini-factions for the higher efficiency of Assembly.

“If you need to make a decision intra-faction, then they take the decision in a mini-faction. If 70% of people in favor, 30 against, we decided that our position will “for” all actually take the position of the majority… If there are “70/30” that the group continues discussion until they come to some kind of conclusion, when there is a “70/30″. This, I believe, democratic, first, and more or less effectively, because we do not stopper the decision-making process,” said Arakhamia.

The fraction of “Servants of the people” consists of 252 people’s deputies.