The military received a “transport workers” Il-76MD, which has upgraded so that he can participate in joint operations of NATO countries

Reconnaissance aircraft su-24MR. Screenshot

“The Nikolaev aircraft repair plant”, which is part of the “Ukroboronprom” gave the Armed forces of Ukraine two refurbished aircraft – supersonic reconnaissance su-24MR aircraft and military-transport Il-76MD, the press service of the state concern.

It is noted that the factory conducted a complete check of all components and assemblies of the aircraft and made their repair or complete replacement. It was carried out complex of works on restoration of the airframe, and numerous systems of the aircraft. After the tests the military took repairers restored aircraft.

“In addition, updated avionics. For example, the Il-76MD were equipped with modern navigation equipment according to ICAO requirements. This allows it to operate anywhere in the world and participate in joint operations with the countries-members of NATO”, – stated in the message.


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Su-24MR – a supersonic reconnaissance aircraftthat can conduct reconnaissance to a depth of 400 km from the front line. For this purpose it is equipped with side-looking radar that can lock ground targets, including fortifications and equipment of the enemy, sensitive cameras with high resolution. It also comes with a locking system of radiation of the radar and IR sensors to detect camouflaged objects.

The Il-76MD military transport aircraft designed to transport and airdrop personnel, equipment and cargo. The aircraft is able to deliver the goods with a maximum weight of 60 tons to a distance of 4200 km at a cruising speed of 800 km/h with the machine “Antonov”, the Il-76 are the main military transport aircraft of the Air forces of Ukraine.