He died during a crash

Photo: facebook.com/ukrop.bc

Sunday, October 21, in a traffic accident killed another fighter so-called “DNR”. About this on his page on the social network Facebook said the officer of the Armed forces of Ukraine Anatoly Stefan ridiculous.

“200_бригада 21 Oct 2018 another soldier, Dmitry Zhuravlev from Donetsk. Self-destructed in an accident”, – he wrote.

Previously, we reported about the death in the accident of a fighter of the Lugansk region.

Note that while some militants “samolikvidirovalsja”, on the frontline , the Ukrainian army continues to inflict damage to the enemy. On 20 October the enemy attacked 17 times APU, but ran into a hard “back” and he also suffered losses.

The other day, “Stirlitz” showed a photo of the murdered Russian mercenary “Bersek”. It turned out that the Russian homeland was wanted for drugs, and fought in the Donbass in the so-called “Slavic battalion”.

Also no luck action movie “Rambo”, who created a network of informants in the rear of the APU, which he reported on the movements of the Ukrainian military. In the end, he was sentenced for having attempted to undermine the grenade his comrade.

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