Neighbor wars are not only in the movies – quite often they occur in real life. So, one of these fresh wars planned in the U.S. between the owner of a new Ford Mustang named Aaron Robinson and his roommate.

Rather, this confrontation has already begun. As he told Robinson on Facebook, one of his neighbors was so furious because of the exhaust sound of the Mustang that I filled up the car’s exhaust with foam. But at the same time put a note in the format of the threat demanded “to fix the silencer”.

In particular, the note had the following content: Finally I found you! You wanted to attract our attention, but did not expect such consequences. I’ll give you 14 days to put a proper muffler or install a stock [exhaust]… don’t mess with me, otherwise you will regret it. To go to the police or to install surveillance cameras does not make sense… Fix the muffler!”.

In turn, the owner of the Ford was frankly surprised by this act of vandalism and said that he was “an intelligent man” and would solve the issue with the exhaust, if he just asked. But now he is a neighbor “to play with the big conversation”, in parallel was engaged in search of the offender.

Here is the trick of an evil neighbor

It looks like the car itself

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