Photo: Discovered a new dangerous virus that attacks mobile devices

Anubis Trojan hides on Google Play and disguised as online shopping, financial assistants, and a number of other applications.

Experts in the field of security IBM X-Force announced the discovery of the dangerous Trojan virus Anubis. Malware hidden in Google Play, disguised as online shopping, financial assistants and automotive applications. That said in his blog.

According to them, the virus is hiding, at least in the top ten programs for Android smartphones.

It is reported that malware once downloaded onto a smartphone disguised as antivirus Protect Google and asks for the right to scan the user’s actions. After that the virus takes screenshots when the owner of the gadget enters personal information in banking applications and various e-wallets.

While the creators of virus are constantly upgrading it, changing features and code, so the malware was not detected.

The virus is intended primarily for users from Turkey. However, it can spread to other countries.

Earlier it was reported that half a million computers are attacked by a new virus. Especially actively spread in Ukraine.

Android virus attacked half a million gadgets

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