The Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte said that earlier expelled from the Kingdom Russians was not arrested, against them because the law enforcers of the country do not investigate a criminal case. This publication reports The Post Online.

The Ministry of defence of the Netherlands published a photo of the alleged GRU officers: Eugene Serebryakov, Alexey Minin, Oleg Sotnikov, Alexey Morenza. Schiphol airport in the Netherlands 10 APR 2018

The Prime Minister explained that the police opened a criminal case, because it were special services.

“The goal was to monitor them as long as possible, to gather information, and at a time when espionage operation that threatens to move into a critical phase, to stop it”, — he explained (quoted by De Standaard).

On 4 October, the Ministry of defense of the Netherlands announced the expulsion of four Russians with diplomatic passports. They are Alexey Morenets, Evgeny Serebryakov Oleg Sotnikov Alexey Minin . The incident occurred in April of this year. Morenets and Serebryakov, said in the military of the Kingdom, was cybersecurity, and captains and was responsible for “intelligence support”.

According to the version of the Dutch side, the Russians tried to hack the servers of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW), and also to receive data about the investigation of the disaster Malaysian Boeing flight MH17 near Donetsk. When they arrived in the Netherlands, the OPCW was investigating the use of chemical weapons poisoning Skrobala.

Sent from seized laptops, phones and other electronic equipment and cash in the amount of € 20 thousand and $ 20 thousand detainees had found a receipt for the taxi ride to Sheremetyevo from the headquarters of the chief of the General staff, which was issued in the name of Lorenza.

The Russian foreign Ministry, commenting on the incident, said that doubt the validity of the statements of the Netherlands. Deputy Minister Sergey Ryabkov said that Russia must first understand the essence of the claims, and only then to pass judgement on this.

“The passion for this theme (theme of Russian hacking. — RBC) has acquired such proportions that the mere nomination of such charges calls into question their validity”, — he added.

Later that day, the U.S. justice Department has accused of seven Russians in the break-ins sports organizations “revenge” for the removal from the Olympic games the Russian athletes. The names of the four sent from the Netherlands and the Russians are on the us list. Other names already appeared earlier in the list of 12 hackers GRU, which spectracolor USA Robert Mueller accused of hacking into the servers of the US Democratic party.