Tennis referees are outraged by the behavior of American tennis players and support her from the WTA

Serena Williams was fined at the end of the incident in the final of the US Open. AFP photo

Leading tennis tower referee shall consider the establishment of the Union after an incident in the women’s final of the US Open championship with the participation of American Serena Williams, reports the Guardian. Williams in the final of the US Open she lost to Japanese Naomi Osaka with the score 2:6, 4:6. Judge Carlos Ramos in the second set, Williams was fined game in favor of the opponent for three violations: tips trainer, a broken racket and insult – Serena Williams called Ramos’s “the robber” and a “liar”. The player was fined on 17 thousand dollars.

According to the publication, a referee is unhappy that the international tennis Federation (ITF) spoke out in defense of Ramos only after 48 hours after the incident, and by this time the Women’s tennis Association (WTA) and the Association of the United States tennis (USTA) supported Williams, also accused the judge of sexism.

Terms of the contract prohibit the referee from making public statements, and their employers are WTA, the Association of tennis professionals (ATP), organizers of Grand slam tournaments, the judges therefore avoid reviews for fear for their jobs.

“Judges continue to ask: “if I was entrusted to serve the match on Saturday? There is a sense that Carlos was cast adrift for two days, and no one wants to stand up for the judges,” said a senior official from the judiciary.

“Judges have no independent associations to defend their interests, they are hired by the governing bodies of world tennis. If dealing with the media is prohibited, and these structures are against them, what can they do?” – asked the source.

Earlier it became known that the judges were going to boycott the matches of Serena Williams. Referees are demanding an apology from tennis players after the final of the US Open.

A cartoon in the Herald Sun after the controversial final of the US Open:

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