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Price all types of gasoline and diesel fuel grew by 44 kopecks./l. the Rise in prices experts explain the growth of the dollar .

In Ukraine on Wednesday, 29 August, the average price of all types of gasoline and diesel fuel grew by 44 kopecks./l. this is evidenced by the daily monitoring of the consulting company A-95, writes Ubr.

It is noted that a key factor in the rise was a sharp rise in prices in the networks of Privat group: Ukrnafta avias and increased the cost of a liter of fuel of all types from 1 UAH.

In addition to the “Privat” stations, brought prices in the range of 10-24 cents a number of other networks – Katral, Mango, and Amic. Thus the average price of gasoline A-95 at Ukrainian retail jumped to 30.08 UAH./L. A diesel fuel run average 27,88 UAH./L.

The rise in prices experts explain mainly on the rise of the dollar.

Recall that in early August, half of the filling stations in Ukraine increased the cost of fuel within 50 kopecks./l.

Also subscales that selling rate of cash dollar in exchange offices of the Kiev banks as of August 29, increased by 5.72 kopecks. to 28,1544 UAH/USD, buying rate – by 7,28 27,8356 kopecks to UAH/USD.


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