The U.S. Senate rejected the Declaration of the President of Donald trump on the state of emergency in the South-East border with Mexico, which he signed in February.

It is reported by CNN. The lifting of the emergency were made by 59 senators, in that time, has supported trump’s 41 votes.

In response, the President simply wrote on Twitter: “VETO!”

In this case, trump criticized the vote, calling it a “resolution, inspired by the Democrats, which will open the borders and the concomitant rise in crime, drugs and human trafficking in the country.”

Novotulsky USA went against trump: what happened

Donald Trump


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 14, 2019.

He also thanked Republicans who voted for the maintenance of border security and the construction of the wall. “I can’t wait to veto it,” repeated the President.

Note that Congress needed two-thirds vote of both houses to overcome a presidential veto, which in this case is considered unlikely.

I look forward to VETOING the Democrat inspired the just passed Resolution which would OPEN BORDERS while increasing Crime, Drugs, and Trafficking in our Country. I thank all of the Strong Republicans who voted to support Border Security and our desperately needed WALL!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 14, 2019.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

  • The start of construction of the wall on the border with Mexico trump announced on 1 August 2018.

  • He signed a decree on the construction of “physically impenetrable barrier” with a length of over three thousand kilometers along the U.S. border with Mexico in the first week of their tenure.

  • 22 December 2018, the US Congress could not agree on a draft budget, which started a partial closure of government institutions.

  • Because of the conflict over the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, trump said on the “humanitarian crisis” in the country and blamed the “shutdown” on the Democrats who did not support his election promise.

  • On 25 January, the White house and Congress agreed on a short-term resumption of financing activities of the U.S. government, ending thus the “shutdown” that lasted 35 days. However, the agreement lasted only until February 15.

  • 11 Feb trump an ultimatum: he said he was ready to suspend the work of the Federal government (“shutdown”), if Congress does not allocate the necessary funds for the construction of the wall on the us-Mexican border.

  • 15 February trump announced the introduction of state of emergency because of the situation on the border with Mexico.

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