Photo: Instagram/ 1800hotboxblin photo of the tuba player, became the object of a photoshop battle

Netizens have created a series of memes dedicated to the owner of the tuba. In the end, a witty musician became the “hero” of popular games and TV series.

Original the musician with tuba on head gave birth to a new photoshop battle. Netizens responded to the picture with imagination and has turned the musician into heroes of popular games and TV series. About it reports The Mashable.



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Publication from Chris ☭ (@1800hotboxbling) Feb 27, 2018 at 2:13 PST

In the end the resource is Reddit flooded with funny memes of the musician. And he appeared in the images of the characters of “Game of thrones”, “Star wars”, as well as numerous computer games.

Earlier it was reported that awesome dancing clown from the horror film “It” turned into a meme. Thanks to the users of the Network hero began to dance to different music hits.

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