18 world Cup: Sweden vs. Switzerland

Tuesday, July 3, in the framework of the playoffs of the world Cup will play Sweden and Switzerland. Online stream on Корреспондент.net.

The match of 1/8 final of the 2018 world Cup Sweden and Switzerland will meet in St. Petersburg. The game will start at 17:00.

With a slight advantage, a favourite I think the Swiss team. Bookmakers from the company Favorit sport to win Switzerland take bets with odds of 2.67, and Sweden – 3.10. The odds for a draw is 3.00.

Sweden – Switzerland: online broadcast of the match of 1/8 final of world football Championship in 2018 Корреспондент.net




90+6 Sommer free kick pulled. But to sense something?

90+3 lang red! But no penalty, will the penalty!


90. Pressed and pressed the Swiss, but even in a shot to really break through can’t.

86. Two strikes in a row was blocked by the Swedes, and then Shaqiri was so cross to the far post that threw everyone.

82. Replacement from Sweden. Olsson was replaced by Forsberg, and the Craft of Lustig. The Swedes will continue to fight back.

80. The bombing of the Swedish penalty box continues. Loaded and loaded the Swiss, the Swedes – do not bend.

78. Ten corner already filed Switzerland. Sweden wins or top, or skillfully bounces.

73. Double replacement Switzerland. Ambolo, and Seferovic replaced Zuber and Dzemaili.

72. The whole game is at the gates of the Swedes, but without the dangerous moments.

70. Switzerland was surrounded by the penalty area the Swedes. Went to a “water pipe”.

69. In the very next attack after the goal, the Swedes were able to break on the counter, she was stopped by a foul xhaka. Yellow card.

68. Maybe now more will go.

66. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!!! DAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! FORSBERG!!!! LindelEf dragged the ball to the attack, in the end, Forsberg was released on shock position in the center of the gate, the rebound GOAL! 1:0!

61. Behrami cuts Forsberg on the card. Yellow yet.

54. Sustained attack Switzerland with four corner in a row and lots of gear into the penalty area. However, even strikes during this period, to put failed. In Sweden a lot of players back.

48. Sweden attacks early in the first half.


Definitely a penalty will bring the spirit after such a spectacle, I’ll see you in 15 minutes!


41. Ekdahl one on the far post, but the benefits of this solitude is not removed.

40. The most dangerous shot of Forsberg with the standard! The ball hit the wall and almost landed in an empty corner.

38. SCORING CHANCE. Dzemaili and Zuber in multiple passes to each other opened the defense of Sweden, and Dzemaili has punched from outside the penalty area without interference is higher.

32. A shot from Rodriguez – straight into the goalkeeper’s hands.

28. WELL, FINALLY SOMETHING INTERESTING! The ball fell in the penalty area of the Swiss, Berg was back with him and shot the rebound from the earth – Sommer in chic jump has reflected a ball that flew under the bar.

25. Shaqiri gave the Zuber, the header did not work.

20. Not leaving the Central zone of the game, both teams played with great caution on his goal. Without acuity.

Here in Twitter write that this is the most boring match of the world Cup.

Most boring start in the world cup. #SWESUI

— Thamaru! (@Tikiri_) July 3, 2018

14. A lot of wrestling, a little football – just like we expected.

8. Quite a moment from the Swedes. One shot was blocked by defenders and then passed over Ekdahl and put the fly just above the goal!

5. On the field – the fight for the initiative. I’d bet on 0:0 in regulation time.

2. After filing with the standard Berg played the head, but defenders cleared the ball away.

1. The Swiss have even tried to break through on goal.



Sweden – Olsen, LindelEf, Augustinsson, Lustig, Granqvist, Klasson, Svensson, Ekdahl, Forsberg, Berg, Toivonen.

Switzerland – Sommer, Djourou, Rodriguez, Lang, Akanji, Behrami, Xhaka, Dzemaili, Shaqiri, Zuber, Drmic.

Sweden was the strongest in group F. the Team started with a victory over South Korea – 1:0, then Sweden lost to Germany 2:1. The third match in the group Sweden successfully conducted, beating Mexico – 0:3.

Switzerland didn’t beat Brazil, but went to the playoffs world Cup 18 from the second place of the group E. First, the Swiss drew with Brazil 1:1, idea beat Serbia – 1:2. The third match ended in a draw – 2:2 draw with Costa Rica.


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