The distant future is already here.

The future was almost here. At least that is the impression created when looking at technology, descended from the pages of science fiction novels, writes “Popular mechanics”. Here are ten of evidence.

Optical camouflage or invisibility cloak creates the illusion of invisibility by passing the light around the cloaked object. As a result, we are seeing what is behind pleasenote. And the test looks like a translucent Ghost.

Smart contact lenses from Google, which can be sold after 5 years, does not give the user super-vision, but can measure the blood sugar level, which is extremely useful for diabetics and athletes.

Multilayer nanocoating Modumetal improves the physical properties of metals, thus preventing corrosion and increasing the strength of the alloy by 10 times.

Bioluminescent lamp. Development of the company Yonder Biologies named Dino Рets (“home of the dinosaurs”) is a small glass figurine filled with bioluminescent algae. Day algae absorb solar energy, and the night glow intense neon color.

The universal translator. The Sigmo Voice translator is a small square device that attaches to the collar. The apparatus repeats spoken phrase in the language selected by the user. The wonderful thing is that the gadget conveys the meaning, not just translate individual words.

Tablet password. For those who are experiencing difficulties with remembering the password, Motorola has developed an identification pill which is triggered by the action of gastric acid user. After absorption, the capsule dissolves and delivers 18-bit signal, removing the lock from computers and phones. Until the tablet went on sale, but has already received a license Management on control over products and medicines of the USA.

Heat gun. It is not as deadly as the heat rays of the Martians from “War of the worlds”. Gun Active Denial System or ADS shoots microwave beams that heat the skin unpleasant, but not cause irreparable harm. Presumably the ADS will use to disperse the violent crowds.

The robot mistress. Korean scientists created a robot Mahru-Z moves on wheels and is able to perform simple household tasks: download dirty Laundry and turn the washing machine, fill the toaster with bread, to collect the scattered items. Now the developers plan to construct a more advanced model that can operate in places too dangerous for humans.

Pornoslon. Industry of pleasure also keeps up with the latest technology. In 2014, the video streaming service adult SugarDVD has announced work on an interactive app for virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift. Thus, the virtual sex threatens to become even more real.

Samoshvatyvayuscheysya laces. Who has not dreamed of such a child? Who’s not jealous of Marty McFly from the cult film “Back to the future”? And almost came. Nike promised that sneakers Autosource — just like Marty, will be on sale today, in 2015. Let’s remind, that this year fall heroes of paintings from the distant 1985.

Of course, not all of these technologies are already under active exploitation. Moreover, not all of them do find their place in the field of scientific and technical progress. More importantly, that humanity is constantly moving forward, reversing the laws of nature for their own benefit and facilitating their existence.