The leader of the party “Voice” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk has denied allegations of involvement of members of his team to the black campaign against President Vladimir Zelensky in the course of the race.

The musician said on Thursday, may 30, on a talk show, “the Right to Vlad”. Leading asked to comment on rumors that his political force is the founder of digital Agency Postmen Yaroslav Vedmid, which created the fakes Zelensky.

According to Vakarchuk, in his team “there are no people, which led some black campaign against any politicians.”

News”Drank and called.” Kolomoisky remembered as “trolls” with Zelensky Vakarchuk

“If confirmed any facts that we have in our team people who were involved in such things against human dignity, and this is proved, then these people not on our team. I promise you this,” said the actor.

Vakarchuk Zelensky


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, earlier Vakarchuk sharply dissociated themselves from the ranks of the “enemy” Zelensky, arguing that the flashmob “vote for fun” on the eve of elections had no relation to the current President of Ukraine.

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